The latest online curriculum from VOC, Communism: A History of Repression, Violence, and Victims, offers a new approach, providing a robust foundation in communism’s brutal past and enduring legacy. The updated version of the curriculum expands to cover virtually every nation that has experienced in some way the scourge of communism. In each chapter you will find a short story, a peer reviewed essay and a wealth of supplementary materials that includes videos, recommended books, podcasts and exercises. Our new curriculum provides 33 chapters of material, each with its own set of supplementary resources and classroom activities. The content of the curriculum covers a myriad of topics from Communism 101, its beginning as a theory and ideology, to a close look at the individual nations still suffering under the yoke of communism today. We designed the curriculum for upper middle school through high school with our target the 10th grade level, but the material is valuable at the educator’s discretion for many grade and age groups.
This curriculum was designed by Ken Pope, Dr. Elizabeth Spalding, and Bob Williams.